Warranty Policy

Jack North America the reseller and distributor of Jack Sewing Machine Co. LTD, sewing machines, warrants the sewing machines identified below to be free of any defects in workmanship and materials under normal use upon the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth. This warranty will be in force only for the periods of warranty duration specified herein when the sewing machine is owned by the original purchaser and is limited solely to the repair or replacement of original parts which, in the opinion of Jack North America, are defective in workmanship or material and which are returned to Jack North America for replacement. This warranty only applies to those machines sold by Jack North America.

Limited Warranty for Jack Sewing Machines used in a Residential/Hobby Environment
This warranty shall extend for a period of: 

2 years in the case of electrical parts
2 years in the case of printed circuit boards
2 years in the case of mechanical parts

2 years labor coverage

Limited Warranty for Jack Sewing Machines used in a Commercial/Business Environment
This warranty shall extend for a period of:

1 years in the case of electrical parts
1 years in the case of printed circuit boards
1 years in the case of mechanical parts

1 year in replacement labor coverage

From the date of purchase of the sewing machine.

The liability of Jack North America, shall be limited solely to the cost of parts and labor charges specified above; only if repaired by Jack North America. All other costs, including the cost of shipment to Jack North America's Charlotte, NC warehouse from whom the sewing machine was purchased or to such other point as may be designated by Jack North America, for service or repair under this warranty, shall be those of the purchaser.

This limited warranty is given subject to the following additional terms and conditions:

1. Jack North America, shall be under no obligation to honor any claim under this warranty in the event that said sewing machine has been misused, neglected, damaged in transit or has been tampered with in any way or if the specifications supplied by Jack North America, at the time of purchase with respect to proper maintenance and lubrication have not been observed or if the serial number affixed to the machine has been tampered with or defaced or if the original bill of sale, warranty certificate for the machine or other proof of purchase acceptable to Jack North America, is not presented at the time service or repair is sought under this warranty.

2. By purchasing your machine directly from Jack North America our automated record keeping system will automatically register your warranty with us. No need to register, you are automatically enrolled. Your warranty starts on your purchase date.

3. The sewing machine must be unplugged from the power source when not in use and covered with provided dust cover.

NOTICE: The user assumes the risk of (and this warranty does not cover and there is hereby excluded,) liability for defects, failure, loss, deterioration, personal injury or damage which are due to (i) ordinary wear and tear or exposure, (ii) misuse, abuse, alteration, negligence, or (iii) the installation of parts other than genuine Jack Sewing Machine Co. LTD parts or equivalents.

PLEASE NOTE: In no event shall Jack North America, be liable to the purchaser of said sewing machines or to third parties for special or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, death or personal injuries.

Jack North America, does not assume or authorize any person to assume on its behalf, any other obligation or liability other than set forth herein. Some provinces do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives the purchaser specific legal rights, and the purchaser may also have other rights, which may vary from province to province.

This warranty is not transferable. Jack North America, is not a party to and shall not be bound by any other warranty given in connection with the sewing machine identified below. If a service problem should arise, contact Jack North America for assistance in having your machine serviced.