Service and Repair

Service and Repair

Sewing Equipment Distribution LLC provides maintenance and repair services for all equipment purchased via our website or physical location. We only use authorized Jack Sewing Machine Co. LTD parts for all our repair and service work. We strongly recommend you keep and do not destroy the original packaging that your machine head comes in to facilitate easier shipping when sending your machine to us. Customers are responsible for all shipping charges associated with having your machine serviced by us. Depending on the frequency of usage we recommend the following maintenance intervals:

  • Consumer Use: Every Other Year
  • Business Use: Heavy Use - Six Months, Light Use - One Year.

Maintenance Service

  • Maintenance Service:
    • -Full Cleaning of Machine: clean internal components of dust and debris that are often the cause of preventable mechanical failures
    • -Apply Oil and Grease: lubricate internal components to prevent excess friction and wear
    • -Check and Adjust Timing: critical to properly running machine, ensure that hook, feed dog, motor, needle position sensor etc timed correctly
    • -Check and Adjust Needle Bar
    • -Inspect Gears
    • -Inspect Belts
    • -Inspect Motor
    • -Inspect Circuit Board
    • -Inspect Thread Cutters
    • -Inspect All Sensors
  • -Ensure Proper Operation

-Cost: 50 USD

If during the routine maintenance service our technicians discover any issues that are covered under warranty, Jack North America will automatically correct those issues as per our warranty policy.


  • We charge a flat DIAGNOSIS FEE of 50 USD to inspect and diagnose your machine. If you elect to have your repair completed by Sewing Equipment Distribution LLC the 50 USD diagnosis fee will be waived and you will be invoiced the repair amount which includes parts and labor. Being a authorized Jack Sewing Machine Co. LTD repair specialist in North America we offer a competitive labor rate of 50 USD per hour. Depending on the circumstances of the repair needed, your repair may be covered by your warranty. We offer the best warranty in the industry, please check our Warranty Policy page for details.