About Us

Sewing Equipment Distribution LLC

An official United States Distributor and Dealer (B2B and B2C) of Jack Sewing Machine Co, LTD sewing machine equipment. We are the only end to end distributor, meaning our commitment to customer satisfaction doesn't conclude at the end of a sale. With support directly from Jack Sewing Machine Co. LTD, we also provide warranty support, repairs, parts and business services to help you, or your organization, get the most out of your Jack Sewing Machine Co. LTD equipment.

While we will continue to focus and maintain outstanding relationships with our larger B2B customers, we have shifted much focus to our B2C customers. Hobbyist, DIY and small start ups are a priority to us, when you succeed we succeed. We have been hard at work updating our website and providing as much information and accessibility so you get the most out of your equipment.

Our corporate headquarters and warehouse is located in Charlotte, NC but we will happily support you anywhere in North America.  

Jack Sewing Machine Co, LTD

Established in 1995, Jack Sewing Machine Co. LTD has been in the sewing machine equipment manufacturing industry for over 20 years. As one of the most rapidly growing global sewing machine manufacturers Jack Sewing Machine Co. LTD, has invested large amount of revenue back into research and development of their brand name sewing machines, evolving the designs with the end user in mind. Since 2010 Jack Sewing Machine Co. LTD has lead in global sales of industrial sewing equipment.

In 2010 Jack Sewing Machine Co. LTD, acquired the German company TOPCUT-BULLMER CO. LTD, and all of its holdings incorporating their combined resources into the Jack Sewing Machine Co. LTD brand. This has allowed the Jack brand to collectively pool on decades worth of research and development and anticipate trends in the 8 main product series: spreading machines, automatic cutting machines, lockstitch machines, overlock machines, interlock machines, special sewing machines, automatic pocket welting machines and energy-saving motors. All of these are widely applied in apparel, footwear, luggage, furniture, leather, automotive, aerospace etc. and Jack is always dedicated to innovation, and leading in product innovation and quality control. Jack complies with all the system certifications such as ISO9000, ISO14000, and OHSAS18000, and CE certification.