Order Processing

Most orders are processed within two business days. On occasion we sell out of certain machines. If that happens we will contact you to either issue you a refund or special order your item.

If your machine is special order, please allow 6 weeks from the date of purchase before contacting us. Most special order machines need to be configured at the factory while in production according to the customers specifications. 

Shipping Facts

It's important for us to convey transparency to our customers so that they have full confidence and trust in us. Shipping sewing machines is expensive and we want to be completely open about the logistics issues any sewing machine company faces and how that reflects our available shipping options to you. As a matter of fact, we lose money on every order covering for part of the shipping.

Industrial sewing machines are very heavy, our lightest machine set weights over 150 lbs exceeding Fedex's "Overweight Item" threshold and incurring a large overweight surcharge. Industrial sewing machine tables are long, exceeding Fedex's "Oversized Item" threshold and incurring an oversized item surcharge. This doesn't even factor the already expensive base shipping rate because of the size and weight of the machine combined. Even with our volume discount we still cover part of the shipping cost for our customers.

SHIPPING - Continental USA

We offer multiple shipping options for shipping in the Continental United States

Fedex Ground Shipping (Per Machine): in an effort to save you money we offer Fedex Ground Shipping. Using this method, your machine is shipped unassembled via Fedex Ground. This is best for someone who has some basic tools to assemble the table or can hire a handyman to assemble the table for them. This fee is applied per machine.

Business Freight (Assembled): if you wish to receive your machine assembled to your place of business or if your machine of choice exceeds Fedex Ground Weight Threshold this would be the best shipping option to choose. We will ship your machine via one of our freight partners to your place of business (please see "Freight" section below)

Residential Freight (Assembled): if you wish to receive your machine assembled to your home or if your machine of choice exceeds Fedex Ground Weight Threshold this would be the best shipping option to choose. We will ship your machine via one of our freight partners to your home (please see "Freight" section below)

Multiple Machine Freight: if you are purchasing multiple machines for your home or business it is often more economical to ship your machines palletized via freight. If you are purchasing more than one machine please call us direct, to place your order and we can quote you based on your order quantity.

Worldwide Shipping + Alaska and Hawaii

We have been hard at work negotiating our international shipping/Alaska and Hawaii rates so that we can ship our amazing machines worldwide.

Air Freight: because of the combined size and weight of each sewing machine set they must be sent via Air Freight. The machine ships unassembled and is shipped directly to your door via a combination of air freight and UPS or Fedex. This service is available most anywhere in the world.

Sea Freight: while taking longer (approx. 4-5 weeks), sea freight is usually about half as expensive as air freight. This also uses a combination of sea freight and UPS or Fedex to deliver your machine to your door.

In some instances we are able to cover VAT for some countries.

If you would like a quote for a particular machine shipped please email sales@jacknorthamerica please include which machine you are interested in along with your address. We will get back to you with your quote within 24 hrs.  

Local Pickup

If you are located near the Charlotte, North Carolina area we offer Free Local Pickup on Tuesday and Friday at our warehouse. Upon checkout choose the "Local Pickup" option and visit our warehouse during our operating hours.

Freight Shipping - USA

If you elected to have your machine shipped assembled; we offer flat rate freight shipping services. Freight Shipping is required for some machines due to size and weight restrictions. If you are ordering more than one machine, sometimes consolidated Freight Shipping is a cheaper alternative.

If you wish to have your machine or machines shipped via freight, please select one of the "Flat Rate Freight" options at checkout. Once your order is complete, we will assemble your machine and coordinate a shipping arrangement between the Freight Management and you. Due to the top heavy nature of sewing machines, the table will be fully assembled with all accessories mounted, but the machine will be shipped inside its original box and set on the pallet to protect the machine. The machine will still need to be mounted.

Please be aware that Freight Drivers are on very tight delivery schedules and failure to be present at the prescribed delivery window will often result in them skipping your delivery. If this occurs often times there is an additional fee associated for re-delivery and they are not the responsibility of Jack North America.

Please be aware that Freight Drivers are only required to unload your delivery up your residential/commercial curb or driveway. Please have the required equipment or personnel available to help you move your shipment into your home or business.