MG-60A: Computerized, Direct Drive, Programmable Template Sewing Machine (600mmx400mm)

MG-60A: Computerized, Direct Drive, Programmable Template Sewing Machine (600mmx400mm)

Jack Sewing Co, LTD
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The Jack MG-60A is the newest large format programmable pattern sewing machine from Jack Sewing Machine Co. LTD. The MG-60A was created to bridge the gap between smaller pattern sewing machines such as the JK-T1906G and the larger shuttle hook designs like the JK-T6040 which can be considered overkill for light-weight sewing applications.

The MG-60A was created to be more economical than comparable shuttle hook designs while still maintaining all the features found in those same models. The MG-60A features a simplified LCD touch screen display to navigate saved designs as well as giving the operator the ability to make small changes on the fly without having to use a computer CAD software.

Like our other Jack pattern sewing machines, the MG-60A also includes our RFID system, allowing the machine to automatically recognize templates via RFID tags and pull up designs automatically. The machine also has an Intermediate Presser Foot System that allows the machine to sew varying thickness of materials without skipping seams or creating uneven stitches.

The MG-60A is perfect for recreating perfect seams for any lightweight application where a DBX1 needle system would be used.


  • Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Direct Drive AC Servo Motor
  • Pattern Template Clamping System
  • Pattern Template ID System
  • Intermediate Presser Foot System
  • Adjustable Sewing Speed
  • Pre Programmed Patterns
  • User Programmable Patterns
  • 600mm x 400mm Sewing Area
  • Pneumatic Presser Foot Lifter
  • Automatic Thread Trimmer
  • Automatic Thread Wiper
  • Integrated Bobbin Winder
  • Integrated Adjustable LED
  • WIFI Connectivity
  • Complete with Table and Stand
  • 110V to 220V Voltage Converter Included ($125 Value)
  • Pattern Design Software Included FREE ($1000 Value)