JK-T1790B: Computerized, Direct Drive, Automatic, Buttonhole Machine
JK-T1790B: Computerized, Direct Drive, Automatic, Buttonhole Machine

JK-T1790B: Computerized, Direct Drive, Automatic, Buttonhole Machine

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The JK-T1790B computerized, direct drive, automatic, buttonhole machine is one of the most advanced machines of its kind. This machine is completely automatic, no gears to change, no levers to set, no tensioner to adjust. All of the JK-T1790B's parameters can be set via the touch screen panel greatly increasing operator efficiency.

The JK-T1790B comes equipped with 30 pre-programmed buttonhole patterns and can accomodate an additional 200 user created buttonhole patterns to greatly extend the usefulness of the machine. Perfect for workshop/manufacturing operations who sew various garment types. For example, switching between dress shirts, polo shirts or suits; these all require different tension, buttonhole length, stitch density and even buttonhole shapes. Once a buttonhole pattern is defined and saved to memory, it can be instantly recalled with the touch of a button greatly increasing productivity. The operator no longer has to adjust the machine manually.

The JK-T1790B also comes standard with automatic foot lifter and automatic thread trimmer (with improved cutter reducing the amount of thread remaining after cutting) to further increase operator efficiency and reduce fatigue. 


  • Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Direct Drive AC Servo Motor
  • Adjustable Sewing Speed
  • 30 Pre-Programmed Buttonhole Patterns
  • 200 User Programmable Buttonhole Patterns
  • Multi-Cut Programmable Knife
  • Purl or Whip Buttonhole Stitch
  • Automatic Foot Lifter
  • Automatic Thread Trimmer, Improved
  • Electronic Adjustable Thread Tension
  • Semi-Dry Lubrication System
  • Integrated Bobbin Winder
  • Integrated Adjustable LED
  • Complete with Table and Stand

Work Smarter

The Jack JK-T1790 was designed to improve operator efficiency and reduce fatigue. Built on the same all steel chassis as the rest of the Jack lineup and driven by the coaxial direct drive AC servo motor, the JK-T1790 is full of features not found on competitively priced machines.

Simplified Control

The Jack JK-T1790 control panel is the heart of the machine. Everything is controlled from the control panel, even thread tension. The machine comes pre-programmed with 30 preset buttonhole patterns and room for an additional 200 patterns to be stored.

User Friendly

The Jack JK-T1790 comes standard with integrated adjustable LED lighting, extended sewing platform and was designed to create beautiful buttonholes. The JK-T1790 can sew both purl and whip stitch buttonholes, be programmed to double sew the sides of a buttonhole to increase the stitch density or simply be programmed to increase the number of stitches per buttonhole.

Direct Drive

No complicated motors or belts to deal with; the Jack JK-T1790 comes equipped with an integrated AC servo motor. The servo motor is mated to the machine head by a proprietary coaxial shaft that reduces vibration and noise; this allows the user to perform consistent seams at any speed.

Automatic Foot Lifter

The Jack JK-T1790 features an automatic foot lifter with a variety of settings and multiple presser foot height to meet your production needs.

Multi Cut Knife

The Jack JK-T1790 features an improved multi-cut fabric knife for cutting buttonholes. For instances when you need a longer buttonhole than your knife width, the JK-T1790 can but multiple times.

You no longer need to change knives as buttonhole sizes change, this machine can do it automatically.

Electronic Thread Tension

The Jack JK-T1790 features an integrated electronic thread tension device allowing you to adjust the thread tension from within the control panel. This allows you to save your custom designed buttonhole parameters and recall them at anytime without having to adjust tension again.

Dry Head

The Jack JK-T1790 head was designed to operate dry by utilizing a special DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating on the needlebar. This coating allows the machine head to operate without the use of lubricating oil virtually eliminating the possibility of oil contamination on fabrics.

Beautiful Buttonholes

The Jack JK-T1790 is designed for tailors, seamstresses, fashion designers and anyone else that has a need for creating multiple variations of buttonholes depending on needs. It eliminates the need for needing to buy multiple mechanical buttonhole machines by allowing you to automatically recall any preprogrammed buttonhole you create.

Save time and money with a computerized buttonhole machine over a mechanical machine.

Modern Design

The Jack Sewing Machine Co. LTD, lineup of machines have all undergone design updates improving not only functionality but aesthetics. In addition to the redesigned machine head, the heavy duty table and stand have all undergone updates as well. Each machine ships as a complete set.

Machine Specifications


Lightweight - Medium Weight Fabrics

Feed Type

Multiaxis Clamp

Max. Sewing Speed

4,200 Stitches/Min

Buttonhole Width

1/4" - 1 1/4"




Integrated Direct Drive AC Servo

Lubrication System




Presser Foot Height



DPx5 #11-14

Bobbin Winder



Integrated 3-Way Adjustable LED

Box 1:

  • -Jack JK-T1790 Machine Head
  • -Jack Thread Stand
  • -Jack Tool Set
  • -Jack Machine Cover
  • -Jack Parts Catalog and Manual
  • -Jack Machine Oil
  • -Bobbin and Needle Set

Box 2:

  • -Jack JK-T1790 Table
  • -Jack Heavy Duty Stand

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