F4-H: Heavy Duty, Direct Drive, Drop Feed, Single Needle Lockstitch Machine

F4-H: Heavy Duty, Direct Drive, Drop Feed, Single Needle Lockstitch Machine

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The Jack F4-H is the heavy duty variant of the F4 series single needle sewing machine. The Jack F4-H features a larger needle bar to accommodate the DBx5 class needle used in heavy duty sewing applications. The coaxial shaft driven by the integrated direct drive motor and mated to the all steel chassis produces less vibration creating the perfect seems at any speed. Eliminating belts and external motors, the Jack F4-H is extremely quiet.

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Work Smarter

Although an entry level machine, the Jack F4-H was designed with the operator in mind. Save over 70% electrical cost over conventional clutch motors. Make sewing operations more efficient with the addition of LED lighting, needle position sensor (up/down), thread cutter on needle bar, adjustable sewing speeds and half stitch/full stitch button; all at an affordable price.

Simplified Control

The Jack F4-H control panel is simple and intuitive. From the control panel the user can adjust sewing speed, set needle position (up/down) or reset the machine to factory default settings. There is also a built in surge protector, sleep mode, tilt sensor and error code reader, all standard.

User Friendly

The Jack F4-H comes standard with integrated adjustable LED lighting and a half/full stitch button on the machine head. The presser foot can be raised by hand or with the knee lever. On top of the machine is an integrated bobbin winder, allowing you to wind bobbins while continuously sewing.

Direct Drive

No complicated motors or belts to deal with; the Jack F4-H comes equipped with an integrated AC servo motor. The servo motor is mated to the machine head by a proprietary coaxial shaft that reduces vibration and noise; this allows the user to perform consistent seams at any speed.

Modern Design

The Jack Sewing Machine Co. LTD, lineup of machines have all undergone design updates improving not only functionality but aesthetics. In addition to the redesigned machine head, the heavy duty table and stand have all undergone updates as well. Each machine ships as a complete set.

Machine Specifications


Heavyweight Fabrics

Feed Type

Drop Feed

Max. Sewing Speed

3,500 Stitches/Min

Max. Stitch Width





Integrated Direct Drive AC Servo

Lubrication System




Presser Foot Height

5mm By Hand, 13mm By Knee Lever


DBx5 #18-21

Bobbin Winder



Integrated 3-Way Adjustable LED

Box 1:

  • -Jack F4-H Machine Head
  • -Jack F4-H Oil Pan
  • -Jack Thread Stand
  • -Jack Tool Set
  • -Jack Machine Cover
  • -Jack Parts Catalog and Manual
  • -Jack Machine Oil
  • -Bobbin and Needle Set

Box 2:

  • -Jack F4-H Table
  • -Jack Heavy Duty Stand

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