C5: Computerized, Direct Drive, Triple Needle, Differential Feed, Overlock Machine (6 Thread) with Suction

C5: Computerized, Direct Drive, Triple Needle, Differential Feed, Overlock Machine (6 Thread) with Suction

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The C5 Series is a new and powerful overlock stitch machine that has been developed to offer increased reliability and ease-of-use, while upgrading seam quality at higher sewing speeds. The "Intelligent Fabric Recognition" system automatically detects and responds to a fabrics thickness, smart adjusting to compensate for a wider range of materials and processes to finish high-quality soft-feeling seams without operator adjustment. With the operating noise having been reduced due to a coaxial shaft driven by a direct drive servo motor, this increases durability and seam quality. The improved sealed oil system virtually eliminates costly oil stans compared to competitor similarly priced models and feature automatic functions such as auto thread trimmer, pneumatic auto foot lifter, front and rear suction and varying operation modes from fully automatic to manual to help reduce operator fatigue.

The C5 comes standard with a front and rear pneumatic suction device that greatly improves the cleanliness of the machine and workspace.


  • Direct Drive Servo Motor
  • Intelligent Fabric Recognition System
  • Adjustable Sewing Speed
  • Automatic Pneumatic Foot Lifter
  • Automatic Pneumatic Thread Cutter
  • Full Automatic/Semi Automatic/Manual Operation Modes
  • Needle Position Sensor
  • Differential Feed
  • Oil Proof Needlebar
  • Integrated Adjustable LED
  • Pneumatic Suction Device Included
  • Complete with Table and Stand
  • 110V to 220V Voltage Converter Included (FREE)

The C5 requires the use of air supply for the automatic functions, as well as the suction device to operate correctly. An air supply of .5 Bar or 75 PSI is needed.


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    Work Smarter

    The Jack C4 is the culmination of over 25 years of customer feedback and R&D. One of the most advanced and affordable overlock machines in the market second to our Jack C5, the C4 takes operator efficiency to a new level. Built on the same all steel chassis as the rest of the Jack lineup making for one of the quietest and smoothest overlock machines available.

    Simplified Control

    The control panel is the heart of the Jack C4. Control functions like the auto thread trimmer, auto foot lifter and set sewing speed all within arms reach. In addition, the control panel also controls the sewing modes of the C4 allowing the machine to operate in manual mode, semi automatic mode or fully automatic mode.

    User Friendly

    The Jack C4 is very user friendly and intuitive in design. The looper system was designed to allow feeding of a wide variety of materials without having to constantly adjust tension. The workspace is well lit with integrated LED lights. A thread trimmer can also be found allowing the operator to manually control the integrated thread trimming device.

    Fabric Thickness Detection

    The Jack C4 comes equipped with optical sensors on the bed of the machine that work in conjunction with the "Fabric Thickness Detection" system. This allows the sensors, in conjunction with the presser foot to detect the thickness of the material and adjust tension automatically. The rear sensor is also used to detect when the auto thread trimmer function should cut the thread as it passes over the sensor.

    Automatic Foot Lifter

    The Jack C4 features automatic presser foot lifter standard, at the price point of some of our competitors mechanical machines.

    Direct Drive

    The Jack C4 features the same coaxial direct drive shaft technology allowing for smooth, quiet operation compared to our competitors. The machtronics of the machine have been redesigned allowing for one of the fastest stitch speeds in the industry.

    Modern Design

    The Jack Sewing Machine Co. LTD, lineup of machines have all undergone design updates improving not only functionality but aesthetics. In addition to the redesigned machine head, the heavy duty table and stand have all undergone updates as well. Each machine ships as a complete set.

    Machine Specifications


    Lightweight - Medium Weight Fabrics

    Feed Type

    Differential Feed

    Max. Sewing Speed

    7,000 Stitches/Min

    Differential Ratio





    Integrated Direct Drive AC Servo

    Lubrication System



    ISO VG7

    Presser Foot Height



    DCx27 #14 (11-14) (19 Optional)

    Needle Distance

    Unser Specified


    Integrated 3-Way Adjustable LED

    Box 1:

    • -Jack C4 Machine Head
    • -Jack Thread Stand
    • -Jack Tool Set
    • -Jack Machine Cover
    • -Jack Parts Catalog and Manual
    • -Jack Machine Oil
    • -Bobbin and Needle Set

    Box 2:

    • -Jack C4 Table
    • -Jack Heavy Duty Stand

    Eligible for Flat Rate Shipping; machine ships unassembled via Fedex Ground/Home Delivery. Please check our Shipping Policy for details.