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Jack Lockstitch Sewing Machines showcase Jack Sewing Co, LTD dedication to research and development over conventional industrial sewing machines. Jack Sewing Co, LTD has been in the industry for over 25 years and has taken the collective feedback from their customers evolving and creating a more efficient, intelligent, industrial sewing machine to meet a variety of industry needs. The current offering of Jack Lockstitch Sewing Machines is the evolution of their past designs and many of the competitors can not compete with the engineering and performance. Jack Sewing Machines are backed by a 2 year manufacturer warranty on both Non-Wear Parts and Electronics.

Jack North America is the number 1 distributor of Jack Sewing Co, LTD products and we offer the best end to end service for our resellers and dealer network. Whether you are a stocking dealer or run an online only business we have a product service that will fit your need.

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